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Sticks and Stones

This story is about a young teenage Alison living with her nan and mother. after her parent’s divorce, they move far away as her mum struggles to cope with her husband’s new relationship. this story takes you through the story of her struggle of trying to make new friends in a new place while two girls try their best to hinder her happiness. Will Alison listen to her friends and stand up to the bullies? will she accept her parent’s divorce? you will have to read to find out.

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It Wont Happen Again

MARTHA has been married to Thomas for twenty-nine years. He has been abusive since the death of his mother. Martha has always blamed herself and tried to keep the peace. Even to the detriment of her relationship with her only child, Laura. She has been totally isolated, confined to her home and in permanent fear of imperfection – which won’t be tolerated by Thomas. Martha’s only release is her diary to which she confides her deepest secrets, her conflicting feelings, her resentment of Thomas’s high standards and her sadness that her family is broken. Laura struggles with mixed feelings about her mother’s abuse and lack of strength. She is heartbroken that Martha continues to allow Thomas to stop them from seeing each other and even her only grandchild.

Lillian M Finn – This is a well written, wonderfully plotted, must read story!

Cristallo – A difficult subject tackled with feeling.

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