Sunday Snippet

Chapter Five Martha NOVEMBER Despite his heavy drinking the night before, Thomas got up bright and early.  ‘Do you want any breakfast?’ Martha asked, putting the kettle on to boil. At the kitchen table, he gave his order, ‘Scrambled eggs on toast.’ She quietly flitted around the kitchen. The coffee was brewed first it wasContinue reading “Sunday Snippet”

Friday Snippet

Remembering the softness of his skin, Elizabeth held the single blue carnation in her hands. She gazed at its delicate petals before she inserted that the relevant documents had been received. It wasn’t lying really. ‘Could you come in please?’ Simon, her manager, pulled her out of her musings and into the heat of theContinue reading “Friday Snippet”

Tuesday Snippet – Elizabeth

‘Elizabeth, may I say you brighten up this old place.’ Elizabeth blushed when he handed over his application form. He stroked the ridges of her knuckles. Thomas didn’t let go until it was on top of the others. ‘I know you’ve said no, but please accept my offer of dinner. I’m beguiled by your beauty.’Continue reading “Tuesday Snippet – Elizabeth”

Monday Snippet – Introducing Elizabeth

CHAPTER FOUR ELIZABETH NOVEMBER Elizabeth pushed back the strands of her auburn hair, which was straight out of a bottle. Did he say seven o’clock?  It was now seven-fifteen. Maybe she got the time wrong, but was sure it was written down correctly. Windsor Castle always looked more serene at night. She wondered whether theContinue reading “Monday Snippet – Introducing Elizabeth”

Sunday Snippet – It Won’t Happen Again

Even as an adult the shadows strangled the light. It had been three years into their marriage, before Laura could sleep with it off. The sound of his voice followed, she joined him in the kitchen. Martin had already made a cup of tea. From the biscuit tin, he brought out a full packet ofContinue reading “Sunday Snippet – It Won’t Happen Again”

Saturday Snippet – It Won’t Happen Again

Chapter three Laura As Laura turned the pages of Tabitha’s favourite book, familiar words calmed her frayed nerves. It didn’t seem that long ago she was a slip of a thing in uncertain arms. With Martin’s encouragement, she rang her mum. Within half an hour, a proud grandmother had ventured into the hospital ward. ForContinue reading “Saturday Snippet – It Won’t Happen Again”

Daily Snippet

‘Nanny!’ Tabitha’s cries brought her to her senses, as she tried to keep her emotions together. ‘Sorry love, Nanny was getting tired,’ Martha attempted a brief smile. ‘Nanny, please may I go on the ladybird?’ ‘Of course.’ Martha gently picked Tabitha up and planted her on the ground. She tried to keep up with herContinue reading “Daily Snippet”