Written in response to ‘You look so blue.’ Sally sat on the school bench, staring up at the stranger in front of her. She wondered what he just meant? Blue, it was a beautiful colour. Oceans, skies, and Snorlax. This wasn’t how she was feeling at all. ‘I think, I am feeling more green,Continue reading “Blue”

Alone Time

Written for June just wanted to be left alone, an hour’s peace was all that she wanted. If she were in the front room, her husband would be moaning about his computer not working. If she were in the kitchen, there would be toddlers under her feet. Either hungry, or wanting to go toContinue reading “Alone Time”

Never Alone

Written for I am thankful for my children, grandchildren, husband, bestie, and my dogs (Titan, and Molly) Never alone, they will always be there to help, when I am feeling overwhelmed. In return, I will always be there for them. Sometimes it feels like life is out of control. A smile, or a hug,Continue reading “Never Alone”

Don’t Like Fighting

Written for ‘Yellow Belly!’ He never quite understood what other children were saying to him, he belly wasn’t yellow, just beige, like everyone else at school. ‘It means you are a coward,’ his friend said, sensing his confusion. He didn’t like fighting the bully, chose to walk away instead. His mum said to ignoreContinue reading “Don’t Like Fighting”


Written in response to The sands of time, flow in one direction only. Nothing stops it, gravity gaining speed when your role is at an end. Another way of life perhaps?

Fortune Cookie

Written for Ross opened the fortune cookie that was delivered with his Chinese take-out and was shocked when he read the message inside telling him that his life was in danger and that he needed leave the city immediately. He thought his time in MI5 was over, his marriage to the Russian spy heContinue reading “Fortune Cookie”


Written for and her prompt word wobble. ‘You’re allowed a wobble every now and then,’ he therapist said. ‘It’s just, lately, there have been too many wobbles. I can’t see to get myself out of this horrible mood. I am trying to get things straight, but every time I do, I just seem toContinue reading “Wobble”

Star Light

Written for Every morning, just as the stars were reflecting against the blue sky, Brian brought his lamp to the same spot. It was here, he could hold his arm up to the sky, and shine with the stars. They brought hope to an uncertain world. As the last star dwindled, his own lampContinue reading “Star Light”