One Dream at a Time

Written for A tiny bridge across the stream, where the fairies fished on lazy summer days. The sun smiled against the water and the breeze pushed their dreams forward into children’s dreams. They could be anything they wanted to be. ”Happy hopes,’ Felicia Fairy whispered,, as she hooked up a dream, weaving it intoContinue reading “One Dream at a Time”

A little bit of padding isn’t something to be ashamed of. It just means you are a little bit more cuddly. We live in a world where what you look like is considered to be important. On Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many other social media sites the only thing people see is perfection. Perfect figures,Continue reading “”

What’s in the Quote Sunday’s Poser is When you use a quote , what’s more important, who said it? Or what did they say? For me, what they say is more important. If I am getting a birthday card, I will always look at what the verse is. I like a nice verse with a beautiful message. ItContinue reading “What’s in the Quote”

I went on holiday last week and had a blast. We took our little granddaughter to a farm and we held chicks and guinea pigs. We fed the animals and it took me back to a time when my daughter was the same age. So many years have passed since she was a toddler, butContinue reading “”


The word today, from is scan. ‘A scan of another human being is now possible,’ Sam said. ‘But at what cost? It seems that every time you copy yourself, something changes. Not physical, but a little part of you is lost.’ ‘You’re imagining it.’ Two versions of his partner stood in front of him,Continue reading “Copy”

I have a query? word prompt ‘I have a query. Why is it I can spend money like water, but cannot earn money the same.’ ‘I’m not sure, but it might be to do with the fact you are in an arcade,’ Alan said, drawing out another ten pound note. Those two pence machine’s were just ripe forContinue reading “I have a query?”

For Fandango’s Story Starter

I was having dinner with a few of my closest friends when I suddenly realized that I forgot my wallet. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway – there was no money in the account. I had already ordered a starter and wondered who I could ask for a loan. They were all very good, and IContinue reading “For Fandango’s Story Starter”