QUESTIONS What was Fahrenheit 451 about? About Frank Fahrenheit and his climb up Mount Everest when he was just ten years old. It took him 451 hours to climb to the top. He was the first cub to with the mountaineering award. In 1984, who or what was “Big Brother”? 1n 1984 Big Brother was the largest whaleContinue reading “”

#Curtains – For Thursday Inspiration #136

It was the night before Christmas, the curtains pulled tight, our tree shone brightly with colourful lights. Mince pies were placed on a platter so Father Christmas would just have to get fatter. A key was hung by the door just in case he couldn’t get through the old fire grate. Sleeping impossible I justContinue reading “#Curtains – For Thursday Inspiration #136”

Friday Snippet – It Won’t Happen Again

Not willing to do as instructed, she fixed her legs to the floor and stared at the open doorway. Another officer would walk through at any moment. They would say that Chris had been taken to hospital. Tell her it was all an elaborate joke. She felt a sharp scratch. The muscles in her armsContinue reading “Friday Snippet – It Won’t Happen Again”