You Have Been Warned!

Written in response to Talking, about the state of his dinner, Tom stuck his fork into a shrivelled, black potato. He swayed a little, unable to get his wife into focus. I mean, he wasn’t that late home. In fact, only an hour, and he should have stayed where he was. With all thatContinue reading “You Have Been Warned!”

Thank You

Written in response to We have a lot to be thankful for. A silent prayer, thanking for all the good in his life, Simon held his hands together in thanks. A roof over his head, a great family, friends and life. Sometimes it wasn’t perfect, but then he was lucky. A man, outside theContinue reading “Thank You”

Dawn of a New Day

A picture prompt from this week. I stand at the tip of the ocean, my arms wide, to welcome the sea breeze back to shore. There is something comforting about freshness of the air, as it hits my sleeveless arms. Spring, surpasses winter, and each cold morning is now starting to thaw. This moment,Continue reading “Dawn of a New Day”

Blindsided and this is my interpretation of their prompt. Walking through the darkness, and the couple in front of me are mere shadows against the fog. It is like someone has taken a paintbrush and is slowly erasing the light. In two months, I won’t be able to see anything. There may be some light,Continue reading “Blindsided”

Made With Love

Written in response to A collection of tools, some handed down from his father, some he collected himself, and some were gifts from loved ones. Christmas, Halloween, or birthdays, and he never brought anything. Handmade with love. A toy rocking horse for his granddaughter, a painted box for his daughter (She collected little pebbles),Continue reading “Made With Love”

My legs didn’t shake as I adjusted my stance on the rocks. I extended my reach and air rushed around my steady ankles. It was weird, but my pulse was as regular as the beat of a clock. I wasn’t sure of what to do next. Should I climb back down, going the way IContinue reading “”