The question from is how careful am I when conversing with people around you. I tend to be quite careful, especially around people I don’t know that well. I tend to talk about my children and grandchildren a lot because I am proud of them, or my long list of what is going wrongContinue reading “Careful”


My answers for I probably Google stuff about once a day. Sometimes it is to find a meaning for a word, sometimes facts I want to put in a story. I need to do some researching, in how local newspapers work, the police, the drug trade. A writer, when they Google – When IContinue reading “Sometimes”


Today’s Sunday Poser from I am not very good at sitting still even when I am at home. There is always something I can do, whether it be painting by numbers, colouring, being creative, writing, blogging or on my mobile. I do enjoy binge watching my favourite series. At the moment it is RizzoliContinue reading “Home”

Mistake I would like to think I am good at admitting my mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes (although don’t tell my husband that) He will always tell me when I have done something wrong, but then I will tell him too. We shouldn’t always agree with our significant other. If weContinue reading “Mistake”