Shriek, she heard it alright. It was from the woods, where during the day, everything was silent. Tonight, it was different. The hairs on her legs and arms were rigid, as she turned her ears to the source of the sound. Nose on the ground, I sniffed, pulling her owner through brambles. She wasn’t happy,Continue reading “Shriek”


Written for A landscape gardener and his pride and joy was always the rose bush at the back. He planted it when he first started, his first attempt at growing anything. Now, sixty years later, it still bloomed every spring. Now it was sleeping, but when his daughter was sixteen, it would bloom again.Continue reading “Rosmarie”


Written in response to lemonade. ‘Get your lemonade! Only fifty pence!’ Sheila shouted from the corner of her street. She was rolling in money, and made twenty pounds in the first half hour. All thanks to her novel idea. It was her math’s teacher who gave her the idea, about profit and percentages. SheContinue reading “Lemonade!”


Today’s Word of the day from is Blister New shoes, and they always blister. Sarah took off her trainers, to reveal a large blister on her heel the size of a golf ball. It felt like that anyway. A long day at work, and she was glad to take her shoes off, and throw them acrossContinue reading “Blisters”

I have a query? word prompt ‘I have a query. Why is it I can spend money like water, but cannot earn money the same.’ ‘I’m not sure, but it might be to do with the fact you are in an arcade,’ Alan said, drawing out another ten pound note. Those two pence machine’s were just ripe forContinue reading “I have a query?”

It’s a Dog’s Life

A dog’s devotion to mankind is well known. They will protect their owners, give them all their love, and only expect love in return. Even when they don’t have love, they will still be loyal to those around them. I’ve not always loved dogs. When I was a child, I was frightened of them, butContinue reading “It’s a Dog’s Life”

Complexion There was a time, in the Victorian age, where a pale complexion was considered to be of the highest regard. The reason was if you were rich and didn’t work then you wouldn’t see much sun. If you were lower class and worked in the fields, or anywhere outside, then you would get aContinue reading “Complexion”