What’s the Occasion?

“What’s the occasion?” Sadie said, as her husband brought a tray into the front room. A red rose, a glass of whisky, and lemonade, and a lasagne, with a few slices of garlic bread.

”No occasion, just thought you could do with a rest, that’s all.”

Sadie narrowed her eyes, and looked to the tray with suspicion.

“Honestly, I thought you could do with a rest . . .”

The meal was delicious, and when he walked into the kitchen, and carried back a cheesecake, with extra cream. She ate each spoonful, and watched him fumble about with his phone.

“You expecting a call?” she asked, and put the tray on the table.

“It’s Mike, he lost his flat, and he wondered if he could stay at ours for a while. I mean, it wouldn’t be for long. You wouldn’t want him to sleep on the streets would you?”

Sadie looked to the empty plate, and his portion of the cheesecake. Perhaps he could stay, just for a few weeks. They had a spare room and it was quiet without their son. At university, he wouldn’t mind is uncle sleeping there.

“Do you want that last slice of cheesecake?’ she asked.

Published by writerravenclaw

I am a fifty something mother of two grown up children, and one beautiful grandchild. I have been married for nearly thirty-four years. My first book was published ten years ago. I wrote my book Sticks and Stones because of my experience of being bullied at school.

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