This week from is a word list, to create a prose, poem, or a story. Not these words, but synonyms. Looking at her Halloween list, an early start is best . . . Last year all the good stuff Gone. Sales had lost their zest. A pen drawn out of thin air She twistedContinue reading “Shopping”

In a Pickle

Today’s word prompt from, and it made me think of the only metaphor, you’re all in a pickle. ‘You’re all in a pickle today,’ Mum said. ‘Pickle? I don’t like pickle,’ Tom stared at his mum with a confused look. It was like the other day, she told him to pull his socks up,Continue reading “In a Pickle”

Remembering The Good Walks

This week’s inspiration is from I got to thinking about my previous dog Scamp. He was a cross breed, well mongrel really, with a very German Shepard look. Many people said he looked a little like a wolf. He passed on four years ago, and life was very strange without a dog. So, Titan,Continue reading “Remembering The Good Walks”

A Battle of Wills

Today, I’m writing for Dancing to an electric tune, the angry lightning ran across the purple sky in a bid to outrun the thunder. The argument, only half an hour before, and the pressure built within them. He flashed his whips, lighting up the sky with his wrath. All the while, the thunder rumbledContinue reading “A Battle of Wills”

A Tiny Spark

Today’s six sentence word prompt from is SPARK. Sitting at the computer, a tiny spark of inspiration struck like a matchstick on its box. She wasn’t sure why she thought about a wizard going on a journey to find their magic, but she wrote it all the same. His name, George, and through theContinue reading “A Tiny Spark”

He Never Told Me

Written for She was confused when she opened the letter addressed to her recently deceased father and what she found inside was something of a shock. She always asked about her Mum but was told she died while giving birth to her. There was a photo, in a silver frame, by her bed. ‘DearContinue reading “He Never Told Me”

Out Hunting

This week is a picture of a handsome looking lion. Where is my mate? She said she would be home with dinner hours ago, but here I am still waiting for food. I mean, it is exhausting sitting here, just waiting. I told my pal, Rory, I would be over there for a midnightContinue reading “Out Hunting”

Home Again

For is home. Home isn’t a building, with bricks, and a roof. It is the place where those I love are, whether it be those I live with (husband, son) or those who live nearby (daughter, granddaughter) Or those who live further away (nieces, nephews, brother, family). Home is where there is the loveContinue reading “Home Again”


From   SPARK Rules of their hop:Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.Use the current week’s prompt word.Link up at Wednesday’s post. Link goes live at 6:00 pm through Saturday late…Spread the word and put in a good one to my fellow writers Laura, a pile of wood in front of her, holds two sticks, hopingContinue reading “Training”