Friday Fibs

  1. Why is it called “Beef Wellington”? It is a wellington boot made out of beef, it is a big delicacy in Iceland. You carve a wellington boot out of beef and share it with family and friends.
  2. What makes it “Yorkshire Pudding”? It is a baby conceived in Yorkshire, similar to a bun in the oven. It takes nine months and they are called puddings for the first year of their life.
  3. Is there a difference between “Ketchup” and “Catsup”? Ketchup is put on chips, in a chip butty (chip sandwich) Catsup is put on French fries and a quarter pound burger.
  4. Why are the five mother sauces so named? Mother sauces are named because some are sweet, some are savoury, some have a fiery temper, some like singing all day and some just like to chill.
  5. Meat from cows and pigs get fancy names, but meat from chickens is just called chicken. Why? Chickens did have names, but they rejected them because they weren’t posh enough.
  6. What is ratatouille? It is a dance, a kind of Tango, between two rats.
  7. What’s the difference between lamb and mutton? Lamb is a childhood pet name, but mutton is for the elderly, who want to just retire or go on skydiving experiences.
  8. What is beurre blanc? A white, bread sauce, mainly served with chicken.
  9. Why do some say you shouldn’t serve red wine with fish? The red wine gets offended, and goes bitter at their life choices.
  10. Why do chefs toss a pinch of salt over their shoulder? The truth, they do it for luck, to make sure their chicken is served with white wine.

Published by writerravenclaw

I am a fifty something mother of two grown up children, and one beautiful grandchild. I have been married for nearly thirty-four years. My first book was published ten years ago. I wrote my book Sticks and Stones because of my experience of being bullied at school.

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