Fibbing Friday – Time is Money

Instead of counting sheep, WHAT was counted? Christmas baubles were counted back into their box for next year If auld acquaintance be forgot, what was remembered? Where you left your door keys when you lost them last new years day. Time keeps WHAT  away? The dentist, the doctor and the optician. The WHAT is gone,Continue reading “Fibbing Friday – Time is Money”

1. What did the Three Wise Men bring as gifts to the babe in the stables?2. Band Aid had a Number One hit with the same record 3 times. What was it?3. Why is Rudolph’s nose red?4. Who was Santa’s Little Helper?5. What will you find on Quality Street?6. What is egg nog?7. Who isContinue reading “”

QUESTIONS What was Fahrenheit 451 about? About Frank Fahrenheit and his climb up Mount Everest when he was just ten years old. It took him 451 hours to climb to the top. He was the first cub to with the mountaineering award. In 1984, who or what was “Big Brother”? 1n 1984 Big Brother was the largest whaleContinue reading “”

For Fibbing Friday

1.  Where did Fireworks originate?  They originated in America, they are a baseball team who won the league for ten years in a row. Named the Fireworks because of how they zoomed around the bases.2.  What gives fireworks their colour? Squeezed grapes, oranges, bananas, blueberries and watermelon3.  What does PGI stand for? Pigment grows inwardContinue reading “For Fibbing Friday”

Fibbing Friday – My Answers

Why does garlic repel vampires? It gives them garlic breath on their dates with witches. What do you need to kill a werewolf? You need a bottle of Ketchup and three blood oranges. What is the purpose of a Jack-o-lantern? It is used to carry treats when going trick or treating. It is a bitContinue reading “Fibbing Friday – My Answers”