Fibbing on a Friday

What is a Friday without Fibs. Unicorn gas allegedly contains this collection of colours Red, and yellow, and pink and green, orange and purple and blue, colours of a unicorn will never be blue. Yellow or green, most people eat a lot of these Bertie Botts All flavoured beans, but Dumbledore always gets theContinue reading “Fibbing on a Friday”

Fibbing Friday Fibs

Friday, and the fibs from are here for all of us on Word press. 1. Why did all the dinosaurs die? They died because they didn’t want to relocate away from winter. 2. Why are there so many stories about the great flood? Because they are homesick about living in the UK. We haveContinue reading “Fibbing Friday Fibs”

Alter Ego Pokemon Style

For this week I have used Pokemon as their alter ego. For those of you who don’t know Pokemon, I’m really sorry. 1.  Boris Johnson 2.  Madonna – 3.  Victoria Beckham 4.  Roger Federer 5.  James Bond 6.  Ebenezer Scrooge 7.  H.G. Wells 8.  Agatha Christie 9.  Liberace 10. Winston Churchil –

Fibbing Friday is still taking over from . What is carpal tunnel? A tunnel pigeons use to get under solar panels, they getting better and better at removing netting. 2. What is tennis elbow? A tennis racket which bends in the middle. It is easier to get into sports bags. 3. What is a pulled muscle?Continue reading “Fibbing Friday”

Friday Fibs

Friday Fibs this week from from What is a broom? It is the noise a child makes when they are pretending to drive a car. 2. What is a doughnut? Homer’s device for keeping his stress about Bart to a minimum. 3. What is a penny farthing? It is what you use when youContinue reading “Friday Fibs”

Sleeping In

This week for is making me very sleepy. It must be the heat, we are expected to get 40 degrees next week, so probably stay indoors that week. Sleepy time   (Fill in the blanks with your most outrageous fibs) To sleep like an old man, my husband could sleep for hours. Sleep is the bestContinue reading “Sleeping In”

Fibbing on a Friday

Thanks Here are my answers. What ‘quivered’ like a bowl full of jelly?   My tyre before it went flat. What did the Old Woman in the Shoe treasure most of all?  A large glass of whisky when all her kids were asleep. If those three mice were blind, how could they make it up theContinue reading “Fibbing on a Friday”

Fibbing Friday Fibs

This week from has no theme at all and just a mish mash of silly questions inviting you to give sillier answers. 1. What is liquid gold? A whisky and lemonade with lots of ice. Just the thing after a long day at work. 2. What is housemaid’s knee? It is a painting inContinue reading “Fibbing Friday Fibs”


This week the Friday Fibs are punny, What did one eye say to the other? You’re looking good handsome. Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you turn off the light. What do you call an alligator in a vest? The swimming instructor. Why couldn’t the pony sing in theContinue reading “Punny”