QUESTIONS What was Fahrenheit 451 about? About Frank Fahrenheit and his climb up Mount Everest when he was just ten years old. It took him 451 hours to climb to the top. He was the first cub to with the mountaineering award. In 1984, who or what was “Big Brother”? 1n 1984 Big Brother was the largest whaleContinue reading “”

Throwback Thursday Answers

Do you remember experiencing things that were hard for you to believe? I experienced dreams, where I have dreamt of something that hasn’t happened yet. They were dreams, which didn’t make sense before the event. Did you have a hero who you found fascinating – someone you wanted to emulate? I think fascinating is theContinue reading “Throwback Thursday Answers”

For SHARE YOUR WORLD 11-29-2021

If you had the power to strike one person in your life permanently speechless, who would it be? (Real names aren’t necessary, vague descriptions are fine… and yes, this is being asked in fun and not to be mean) I would strike anyone with a hurtful word to say speechless. If you could relive your childhoodContinue reading “For SHARE YOUR WORLD 11-29-2021”

This week’s topic is “would you rather…” Here are my answers to the questions: Would you rather be alone or be in a large group of people? A large group of people wouldn’t worry me being alone would. Would you rather live on the beach or live in the mountains? I would love to live onContinue reading “”

Compassion, Kindness, Make it a Rule In most cultures compassion is something people aspire to. Especially this time of year. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or Eid or Diwali. Kindness and compassion are free to give. They cost nothing, but what you get in return is a sense of doing good for the community aroundContinue reading “Compassion, Kindness, Make it a Rule”

If you’re not an American, based upon what you’ve read, seen, and heard, do you feel that America has, indeed, faltered? Or do you think that America will weather this storm? In answer to Fandango’s provocative question, I don’t really know enough to answer. I think the state of the world in general is onContinue reading “”