A Friendly Chat

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Do you see little brother, I am all knowing, and all seeing. I was born first, don’t ever forget that. I have my toys. Sharing! You have to ask. If you don’t, see that big sea out there. I’ll put you in a little boat and push you away. You can live with the fishes. Yes you can. If you have a toy that I want, you share; without moaning to Mummy. See those fishes over there? They were once little boys, who went against their big sisters.

Now, there is another thing, we have a code, the sibling code. You don’t tell on me. Although, if you annoy me, I can on you. I mean, I’m putting up with you because Mummy refuses to take you back to the hospital. She said, I was big sister, gotta look after you. I mean, I will, cause you’re my little brother. Nobody but me can make you cry but me.

Another thing, when I go park, that is my time with Mummy and Daddy. You stay with Grannie. She will cook you beans, toast, and ice-cream. Although you save me some right? I like strawberry best.

Right, our little talk over, you is baby, so gotta go to bed early, I stay up till seven. Don’t forget to yawn when I nod. Night, night little brother, and don’t forget the bed bug’s bite if you tells on me.

Nod if you agree, Mummy is watching.

Good, glad we had chat, I go now, remembers, I am your big sister.

Published by writerravenclaw

I am a fifty something mother of two grown up children, and one beautiful grandchild. I have been married for nearly thirty-four years. My first book was published ten years ago. I wrote my book Sticks and Stones because of my experience of being bullied at school.

14 thoughts on “A Friendly Chat

  1. I must say, reading your words made me chuckle. While I appreciate your sense of humor and playful nature, it’s important to remember that as the older sibling, you have a responsibility to guide and protect your little brother. Threatening to put him in a boat and push him out to sea, or telling him that he will live with the fishes is not only mean-spirited, but it’s also not a healthy way to communicate with someone you love. Sharing toys is important, but it’s equally important to communicate with each other and ask before taking something that belongs to someone else. The sibling code you mentioned should be about looking out for each other, not about keeping secrets or using each other’s weaknesses against one another. 😊

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    1. It isn’t how a toddler thinks though. When my aunty was born, my mum said she wanted to throw her down the stairs. They were close when they were growing up and as adults too.


      1. I’m glad to hear that your mum and aunt were able to build a close relationship despite any initial difficulties. Family relationships can be complex and sometimes challenging, but it’s heartwarming to see that they were able to overcome any obstacles and cultivate a strong bond.

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