Revised Chapter One – In the Dark

This is the revised first chapter of my manuscript – In The Dark. IN THE DARK CHAPTER ONE   ‘Can I confirm this is Sarah Masters.’ ‘Speaking.’ This wasn’t the voice I thought I would hear. ‘This is Detective Stiles, from Slough police station. Can I ask, are you alone?’ ‘Yes, I am. Is it aboutContinue reading “Revised Chapter One – In the Dark”

Here are my answers to Share your world. Do you believe in soul-mates?  (my definition of ‘soul mate’ is the IDEAL partner romantically). I don’t believe in soul-mates, but I do believe I was destined to meet my husband. I dreamt of him before I met him. What are three scents you like? I likeContinue reading “”

I’m At Home in the Dark – My next work in progress.

A brief listen to the time on her mobile. How had it got to two o’clock in the morning? There were no missed calls. Missed messages didn’t ping in her ears. Was he still riding his motorbike?  Could he already be on his way home, with an apology? Worry turned quickly to anger.  He couldContinue reading “I’m At Home in the Dark – My next work in progress.”

Writing, Wishing, and What to do next

My novel has been self published, my play is with the director, so now I need to know what to do next. I’ve been writing a story about all my pets, most importantly about my old dog Scamp. He passed away three years ago, but I think of him every day. It only seemed fittingContinue reading “Writing, Wishing, and What to do next”