Star Light

Written for Every morning, just as the stars were reflecting against the blue sky, Brian brought his lamp to the same spot. It was here, he could hold his arm up to the sky, and shine with the stars. They brought hope to an uncertain world. As the last star dwindled, his own lampContinue reading “Star Light”

Generation Gap

Written today for She walked these fields, since she was a child. One bucket for water, the other for food. A daughter, mother, sister and grandmother. She was all of these things. Time spent with her parents, learning off the best. They always taught her to love. It was the most important trait toContinue reading “Generation Gap”

Rule Breaker

This week’s prompt I’m not sure how to answer this question, as I am not a big rule breaker in general. Even during Covid, I stuck to the rules, didn’t meet up with my daughter, even though she wasn’t far away. The rule was there to keep my family safe, so I wasn’t goingContinue reading “Rule Breaker”

Generation Gap

Written for the prompt This week the word gen, has got me thinking about the different generations. My parents were older, so my nieces and nephews are near my age. My sister was sixteen when I was born, my brother ten. I don’t think I was meant to happen, but I was loved allContinue reading “Generation Gap”

Be Patient

This week’s inspiration is from I received your note, Love is patient, not proud or self-seeking. It is my record to myself, when I’m on my own, thinking I cannot do this alone. Today, the first day of my life where I was patient with myself. Training together, we walked the streets of StContinue reading “Be Patient”

Please Do More

Written in response to I couldn’t explain to Giraffa why she was alone, or that a hunter took away her mother just because of the money he could get for her meat, pelts, bones. Even jewellery. With mankind heavy on my shoulders, I stared into her eyes, almost asking for some forgiveness. Not thatContinue reading “Please Do More”

Acts of Kindness

Another blogger told us about a memory where a elderly woman was handing out roses, and kindness. I think that is something we are all capable of. Smiling at someone, and it is infectious. Hopefully that smile will be passed along, making their day better. There have been days when I couldn’t find theContinue reading “Acts of Kindness”

A Different Day

This week’s prompt from Charlotte stood, hands in her pockets, deciding what she should do next. A mirror, but no ordinary mirror. It was said to be a window to another universe, a different time line. Maybe she could go back to 1912, when the Titanic sank, or to the start of the secondContinue reading “A Different Day”