Acts of Kindness

Another blogger told us about a memory where a elderly woman was handing out roses, and kindness. I think that is something we are all capable of. Smiling at someone, and it is infectious. Hopefully that smile will be passed along, making their day better. There have been days when I couldn’t find theContinue reading “Acts of Kindness”

A Different Day

This week’s prompt from Charlotte stood, hands in her pockets, deciding what she should do next. A mirror, but no ordinary mirror. It was said to be a window to another universe, a different time line. Maybe she could go back to 1912, when the Titanic sank, or to the start of the secondContinue reading “A Different Day”

Homeward Bound

What do you See from I had never noticed it before, an eye, amidst all the green. Almost like it was watching me. Now, walking towards the peak, my binoculars revealed it – staring down like a tiger. I stared at the other side, but there wasn’t another eye. Had I imagined it? IContinue reading “Homeward Bound”

Decision to Make

I have written my post for She sat, deep in thought, hoping for inspiration. At a crossroads, leaving her husband, or stay and put yet another patch on her marriage. Ten years, a long time to be with someone, yet when it wasn’t working. What else could she do? His last affair, didn’t shockContinue reading “Decision to Make”

New Year Resolutions

Her Sunday Poser, from One thing I want to do in 2023, is to make my garden fit for my granddaughter to play in. My decking needs replacing, and the garden has more weeds than plants. I am getting older, and cannot put the effort in myself. My husband isn’t much of a gardenerContinue reading “New Year Resolutions”

Don’t Ever Forget

Written in response to Alice had been here before; a bottle that said, ‘drink me.’ A cake that said, ‘eat me.’ Now, this gift, underneath the Christmas tree, took her back to a time of Cheshire cats, and the Queen, getting her servants to paint white roses red. Growing up was strange, not aContinue reading “Don’t Ever Forget”

True Love

I have written this prose for Under your spell, as we looked at each other across the room. You smiled, and I could see the dimples in your chin. We were friends up to that point. Her first marriage was troubled, with a man she couldn’t rely on. Here was a friend, who offeredContinue reading “True Love”

Common Courtesy

Written for She asks do we ask before we re blog another post. To be honest, I don’t re blog. I don’t feel like I know other bloggers enough to see whether they would approve or not. Personally, if some one likes my post enough to share it with others, that can only beContinue reading “Common Courtesy”


Written in response to Our journey, through choppy seas, and the boat bobbed along the water, with salty air travelling into my lungs. My first trip abroad without him. We had been here, on our honeymoon. I remember pointing to the bridge, in all its glory, now it was only from memory I couldContinue reading “Goodbye”