Halloween Challenge –

https://wordofthedaychallenge.wordpress.com/ Boogieman, Boogieman, Boogieman, If you say it thrice, In your own fear you will stand, Your mind will be in a vice. Boogieman, Boogieman, Boogieman, Your screams will wake the dead, Every night without fail, Or that’s the legends cred.

For Tourmaline Halloween Challenge

The night of the Halloween party finally arrived, and like a cauldron of mixed spells, I was a mess. The cobwebs needed replacing, and the bat I brought for the occasion decided he wanted to hibernate. Nothing was going right – I was convinced nobody would come. Charlie tried her best to cheer me up.Continue reading “For Tourmaline Halloween Challenge”

For 2021 Halloween Challenge

‘You took your time last night,’ Charlie said, as I walked into the kitchen the next night. I had slept for almost ten hours, and woke up to the smell of the Zombie pie cooked to perfection. Just on the right side of over done. ‘Got talking to Rory, he can tell quite a taleContinue reading “For 2021 Halloween Challenge”

Halloween – Challenge Accepted

It was nice weather for Autumn – fog as thick as my pumpkin soup. The moon’s reflection was peering out from the clouds and ghosts of my memories drew me towards home. I loved nights like this. There is nothing more satisfying than the soft droplets of love against my face. When I was young,Continue reading “Halloween – Challenge Accepted”