Thinking Thin Thoughts

Slimming was a harsh mistress, and as she watched her colleagues devour a whole box of doughnuts, while she was nibbling at her apple, it was pure torture. Just one small piece of sugar, and it was only a few millimetres away. As they scattered back to their desks, she stared at the ringed, deliciousContinue reading “Thinking Thin Thoughts”

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge #217

Everything about Stacey was a lie, the self confidence, the way she talked, and her apparent lack of care about anyone. Sometimes, just getting up took effort, but she had to do it because she needed to be strong. But strength, she learnt, wasn’t showing that you were perfect, Perfection was something nobody needed toContinue reading “For Reena’s Exploration Challenge #217”

#Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Stolen Identity ‘Sorry Madam, but your card has been declined,’ the shop assistant said, passing back my card. I tried again, but the machine wouldn’t allow my purchases. There was money in my account; my wages only went in today. I only checked first thing this morning. As I swiped left on my phone, IContinue reading “#Reena’s Exploration Challenge”