The word today, from is scan. ‘A scan of another human being is now possible,’ Sam said. ‘But at what cost? It seems that every time you copy yourself, something changes. Not physical, but a little part of you is lost.’ ‘You’re imagining it.’ Two versions of his partner stood in front of him,Continue reading “Copy”


Custard, a word prompt from . Custard goes with most delicious things. My favourite is treacle pudding. I love hot custard, with the treacle. It also is a great addition to things like apple pie, crumble, or just on its own. As a child I put it with ice-cream and cream. When I wentContinue reading “Custard”

To Be or Not To Be

The Word of the Day from is Pertinent, ‘Miss, why don’t you want to play rounders with the three witches?’ ‘You need to ask questions pertinent to the subject,’ Miss Steele said, pushing her glasses to the end of her nose. ‘Don’t you know the answer Miss then?’ Miss Steele, her silver hair tiedContinue reading “To Be or Not To Be”


Fizzy My brain in so fizzy, there’s all these little bubbles inside, popping and bursting, there’s nowhere I can hide. My brain is all fizzy, there’s all these explosions inside, booming and stomping, trying to permanently reside. My brain is all fizzy, there’s all these muddles inside, twisting and turning, a tangle of worry collides.Continue reading “Fizzy”


The word from is pristine. Pushing the hoover across her carpet, Masie felt like Filch in the last film of Harry Potter. No matter the amount of cleaning would get rid the aroma of her Rottweiler Trevor. It would never be pristine. Normally it didn’t matter to her. Young children made a mess, itContinue reading “Pristine”

Height of Fashion gave us this prompt today. The word is Stylish. Height of Fashion Stylish once, the height of fashion, now lingering in her wardrobe too embarrassed to lift its arms. Once it danced at a disco. Strutted its stuff in a glittering, glorious rendition of 70’s magic. Stylish once, but now back in fashion. Another,Continue reading “Height of Fashion”