Bethany – Pirate in Training

I take a step into the swirling void. I am in between one world and the next, but I feel no pain. Every memory I’ve ever had is played in front of me. I get younger and younger, until I see myself in the farmhouse I grew up in.

Mum is crying, like her world is tearing apart at the seams. I am standing at the window, looking out. Before I could blink, I was surrounded by water, guns, and hiding in the lifeboat.

Only this time it was real, the wood was rough against my palm. I hold out my tongue to taste the salt. The swirling mist has gone now. I am in my past. In my pocket a vial to drink once the cycle has been broken.

‘Who are you?’ Harry said, but it wasn’t the Harry I know now. He was younger, and with him a small girl.


‘Are you a witch like my Mummy? Can you save us?’ She says.

‘I need to find your Mummy, and your Daddy, where are they?’

She points to the canopy, and leans in closer to Harry.

‘We were told to hide, they’re out there somewhere, up on deck,’ Harry says. ‘The last time I saw Mum, she was on the port side, telling us to hide.’

Published by writerravenclaw

I am a fifty something mother of two grown up children, and one beautiful grandchild. I have been married for nearly thirty-four years. My first book was published ten years ago. I wrote my book Sticks and Stones because of my experience of being bullied at school.

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