A colony of humans stamp around the grass, as if they own the very trees around them. A low rumble, getting closer and closer. I hold my family into a tight knit of comfort. My baby, vulnerable. My partner already lost. Still their machines trundle forward, taking down each tree, like they were made ofContinue reading “”

A nobody, with a name nobody spoke to. Most lunch breaks she spent in the school library, her nose behind the pages of her favourite book. Katie. Adventures in which nobody could hurt her. One day she would create a world of her own. One where she would control the ending. Books were piled toContinue reading “”

ostracise is the word of the day Standing at the back of the playground, Tabitha slunk back into the shadows. She scanned the area. Some were chatting, some were playing football. Alone, being ostracised on a daily basis was taking its toll. Her confidence dipped to an all day low, she had long since stoppedContinue reading “”