Schism – #FOWC with Fandango

We were all of a schism, as we celebrated Christmas Day. Grandad lost his false teeth in the pudding when a silver coin he sourced. Grannie ate all the chocolates, apart from the toffee of course, Dad was stuck in the instructions for building a barbie town house. Mum refused to do the washing up,Continue reading “Schism – #FOWC with Fandango”

I‘m Seeing Spots A spot of bother so they say leaves a stain that won’t go away. Several dogs, with several spots left Cruella marked with dots. She spots a bargain from a hundred miles creating Christmas day smiles. A trio of spots, there are many more Can you think of any to add toContinue reading “”

Fandango and Photo Challenge #392

The guys from work said this would be an experience of a lifetime. I wasn’t sure how it worked, but I was airlifted, with my bike, on to the top of the mountain. What a view! It was beautiful – the clouds were like a woollen blanket, protecting the fragile inhabitants beyond. The most modernContinue reading “Fandango and Photo Challenge #392”

Word Prompts – Celebrate, Life and Grateful

In my life I am grateful for my freedom. I live in a country where there is freedom of speech, and our successes can be celebrated. Women, as close as one hundred years ago, only just got the vote. We were seen as second class citizens. It took two world wars, to make the startContinue reading “Word Prompts – Celebrate, Life and Grateful”

Life – Going Around in Circles

The two things I’m most proud of is that I’m responsible for bringing to lives into this world. As any parent realises, they only want the best for their children. We fight alongside them as children, but when they grow into adults we have to let them go their own way, just as our parentsContinue reading “Life – Going Around in Circles”

True Grit

pose dust eminent jewel listen impartial society noiseless unnatural furtive clues glitter Glitter brushed against the table, she dusted for clues. The sparkling jewel, stolen by a noiseless thief. Her teddy bear crew posed in their uniforms, and if the furtive criminal came back, she would be ready. She discounted her toy owls – itContinue reading “True Grit”

#FOWC – A Positive Solid

Sitting at the back of the playground, she opened up her lunchbox to reveal what was inside. Her mum always knew what she liked; a ham and cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread, a Granny Smith Apple, and a small piece of homemade cake. She took small bites out of the soft cake when another childContinue reading “#FOWC – A Positive Solid” and Fandango’s Flash Fiction

My benefactor remains anonymous, but their kindness spoke volumes. To many it wasn’t much. A bicycle, probably second hand, but it saved my life. Now I could get to work with no cost at all. Sometimes I would ride along the route, and second guess with precarious person thought to give me this beautiful modeContinue reading “ and Fandango’s Flash Fiction”

Three Challenges in One Every week, hour, second and Stacey was no closer to getting a job. Bills crash to her welcome mat. She is surviving on unsubstantiated, sugar filled meals. There is no question, she won’t be able to pay my bills, let alone her rent. She scrapes mould of her bread, and puts it in theContinue reading “Three Challenges in One”

#FOWC and #Firstlinefriday

“Whatever you do, you can’t do that.” I am assisting with the surgery today, and I am looking forward to learning off the best. ”Can’t do what?’ I ask.” ”Be afraid for the patient,’ he says, as I hand him the scalpel. ”What if I make a mistake?” ”If you care too much, then mistakesContinue reading “#FOWC and #Firstlinefriday”