City of Spells – Review

This week’s review is for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge.

I am reviewing City of Spells by Alexandra Christo. This is not my normal genre, and I found the first book, Into The Crooked Place, the first in the series, in a Tesco, second hand book, charity section. The cover intrigued me, and as I read through the chapters, I got to know Wesley, Saxony, Tavia and Karam. They all had one goal in mind, to defeat the Kingpin, and stop the Elixir LoJ, from infecting their home. The ending led to me asking questions about what was going to happen next and I brought City of Spells.

The second book in the series didn’t disappoint.

It is full of plot twists, which were expected, but it is nice to have your suspicions confirmed. The usual characters are in this book, but we also have the points of view from Zekia, the sister of one of the characters. She believes she is fighting for good, but has been brainwashed by the Kingpin.

The book starts with Wesley’s mind being invaded by Zekia. They want his power to win the war they are raging on all the magical realms. All she wants is family, and she thinks that Wesley will be able to give her what she yearns.

Meanwhile, Saxony, Karam, and Tavia are building an army to fight off the Kingpin. As each of the magical realms fall, it is a race to be able to form a magical army big enough to defeat him.

There are revelations on the way, and a prediction one of their party will die, but they have no choice – they are the only group who have the ability to defeat the Kingpin and his army of magical zombies. The deadly Loj elixir responsible for taking away the minds of those affected casting a shadow over everyone’s future.

Even though this fictional world is full of magic, there was never a time when I didn’t think it was real. I enjoyed reading this book, and the characters the writer built was brilliant. Their lives aren’t perfect, and neither are they, but that added to the story, rather than detach from it.

I recommend this book, even if this isn’t a genre you normally read. I loved the sense of friendship and family. It gave the main characters something worth fighting for. I won’t reveal any spoilers, as I do think they add to the book’s wonderful journey through a magical world.

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