All Her Fault – Book Review

Before I give my review for ”All Her Fault”, I want to praise the cover. Reading in between the lines (WHEN THE WORST HAPPENS THERE’S ALWAYS SOMEONE TO BLAME) You get the feeling that the author ”Andrea Mara”, is informing her audience that women would automatically get the blame when something goes wrong. As aContinue reading “All Her Fault – Book Review”

Book Review – Dead Man’s Daugher

As gift ideas for Christmas, I asked my daughter to get second hand books rather than new. My local Tesco has a charity book shelf, where you can put in your change and get a book. Dead Man’s Daughter by Roz Watkins is a brilliant addition. DI Meg Malton has leave booked, her reason forContinue reading “Book Review – Dead Man’s Daugher”

The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths – Book Review

The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths is a book I have read before. Writing my own thriller, it helps with writing in first person perspective. It is a great book, where the character Fiona Grey, Fiona Griffiths and Jessica are one mix of emotions. Her character, as an undercover police officer, portrays a realism allContinue reading “The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths – Book Review”

City of Spells – Review

This week’s review is for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge. I am reviewing City of Spells by Alexandra Christo. This is not my normal genre, and I found the first book, Into The Crooked Place, the first in the series, in a Tesco, second hand book, charity section. The cover intrigued me, and as IContinue reading “City of Spells – Review”

Blue Skies

Photo credit Darrell Whiley Photo Challenge #423 from Waves, washing, foaming, travelling across oceans, through blue skies, and grey, until they crash back down, ready for another journey. Back home, through a sea of uncertain thoughts, until it rests, just for a second in time, before moving forward again. Nature, wandering across landscapes, untilContinue reading “Blue Skies”

Review – Into the Crooked Place

I came across this book in my local Tesco. They have a scheme where you can put money towards a charity and give pre-read books new readership. It isn’t my normal genre, but the book cover intrigued me. ”The realms make monsters of us all” was the sub title. I wasn’t disappointed with my choice.Continue reading “Review – Into the Crooked Place”