Childhood Memories gives us these Throwback Thursday questions.

  1. Think about your first haircut. We’re you the kid that cut your own hair? Did you go to a salon or did your parents cut your hair? Did your parents save a lock of your hair? My mum used to cut my fringe, and I hated it. Having to go to school with a lopsided, high fringe and you can imagine what happened. When I was old enough, I paid for my hair to be cut. I went from long hair to short, and sort of regret my actions now. Although having short hair is easier to manage.
  2. How about shaving? Fathers often teach their sons to shave. Most girls I know, decided for themselves when to shave their legs and their underarms. Some cultures do not shave at all. Didn’t shave, although getting older and I have to shave, to stop me getting a small layer of hair on my top lip.
  3. Did you alter your clothes? Cut jeans into cut-offs? Cut the sleeves off t-shirts? Wear graphic tees? Tie-dyes? Sew patches on your jeans? No, not really.
  4. Was there a time you remember challenging the authority in your household. Do you remember the first time you found your voice? In my teenage years I found my voice with my mum. Lots of stomping upstairs, and telling her I hated her. Didn’t mean it, but that’s what teenagers do.
  5. What about piercings? Girls getting their ears pierced was a rite of passage for girls. Then boys started getting one ear pierced. As time passed, piercings became more mainstream and accepted. I got my ears pierced when I was twelve, but the holes have grown over now.
  6. Did you walk on the wild side? Smoking? Drinking? Did your parents know? I did, but when I started work. The age old, to look older. I stopped smoking when my son was four, and said he didn’t want me to be ill. Mum knew, I was never any good at keeping secrets.
  7. What about tattoos? Did you get a tattoo while still living at home? Did your parents approve? No, but I would love a small tattoo of a rose now.
  8. What about language? Was swearing allowed in your family?  Did you use the same language around your friends as you did at home with your family? Nope, my dad used to say swearing was for ”navvies”. Nobody swore in front of my dad in our house.
  9. Think back to high school. Girls, did you iron your hair? Did you color your hair? (using Sun-in counts!) Guys, did you grow a beard or moustache? Did you grow your hair long? Feel free to share a photo of yourself back in the day. I used to curl my hair, and had a perm when I was in my twenties. Not now, it has gone grey, and straight.
  10. Many people think our authentic self is the person we were as young children. Are you still inherently the same person you were as a child or have you changed your personality and demeanor along the way? I am still the same person as I was a child, but a little more confident I would hope. I am still shy around other people, but do try to overcome my shyness with talking too much. So yes, still the same person.

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I am a fifty something mother of two grown up children, and one beautiful grandchild. I have been married for nearly thirty-four years. My first book was published ten years ago. I wrote my book Sticks and Stones because of my experience of being bullied at school.

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. Hi, Diana. It is nice to see you join in this week. Mothers should never be allowed to cut or perm their children’s hair unless they are trained! My poor daughter suffered at my hands! It sounds like your son was concerned for your health so it is good you quit smoking. They do have influence over us for the positive.

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  2. Interesting about short hair being easier to manage. With me, it’s the opposite. I have a natural wave and if my hair is short, it goes fuzzy so I have to prat about with the dryer, hot airbrush and tongs to get it somewhat reasonably tidy. Having it long is much easier for me as I wash it, add an anti frizz serum to the ends, and give it a quick blast with the hairdryer, then whilst still damp tie it back. I cut it myself by brushing it all forward and snipping off the split ends (I wrote a post about it actually)

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