Word Prompts – Satiate, Hazard and a start to a story

We had planned to meet under the bridge at midnight, but I forgot about daylight saving time. All my electronic devices automatically changed, but I it was my watch I checked at 11.30 the next evening. I waited for half an hour, the evidence they required in a simple A4 folder. I didn’t trust theContinue reading “Word Prompts – Satiate, Hazard and a start to a story”

Word Prompts – With Pictures

A word prompt for Flashback Friday Cold, wet and exhausted she struggled to keep her webbed feet on the ice. She slid around, without a firm footing on anything. Only months before the lake was bristling with fish. They had flown south for the winter. The autumn colours bitter sweet. Beautiful, but the change ofContinue reading “Word Prompts – With Pictures”

Word of the Day and Fandango Word Prompts

It was my last lecture of the day, and my arms ached from all the writing I had to do. I wasn’t sure why I chose this course for university, but, as it turns out, the life of a sea anemone isn’t that interesting. Marine biology stood out at first. I imagined all the tripsContinue reading “Word of the Day and Fandango Word Prompts”

Word Prompts – Pirate in Training

https://fivedotoh.com/2021/08/24/fandangos-story-starter-8/ The Word of The Day is¬†KAKORRHAPHIOPHOBIA.¬† I could feel the beads of perspiration forming on my forehead as he slowly steered me away from the ship, and on to the Blue Lagoon. The last time I was on this ship – I was two years old. My father was singing me a sea shanty,Continue reading “Word Prompts – Pirate in Training”


Eggs Scrambled, poached, fried – Egg’s diversity cannot be denied. On toast, or with chips – taste great upon my lips. Cakes, biscuits, quiche – Egg’s uses never cease, An omelette, with lots of milk, taste as soft as expensive silk.

Word Challenges Fandango and Word of the day

Hopeless ‘You parsimonious, sanctimonious stuck in the past . . .’ Sarah wanted to say. Instead she took a deep breath. It was hopeless. To change his mind was like expecting the rain to fall upwards. ‘You know I get the readership, I’m just asking you to give me a chance. I don’t mind theContinue reading “Word Challenges Fandango and Word of the day”