For The Friday Reminder – Stream of Consciousness

‘Boo!’ My brother grabs his sides as I throw my now empty mug across the room. ‘Oi, that nearly hit me,’ he says, between his bursts of laughter. ‘Next time it will,’ I say, putting the kettle on to boil again. He has always been the joke, but on Halloween, he gets way worse. ThereContinue reading “For The Friday Reminder – Stream of Consciousness”

Word Prompts – Word of the Day/Stream of Consciousness. Marzipan, in years all told, and I am in childhood mode. Parties where my mum would either buy a cake, with marzipan covering the top like a blanket. Or she would get one of her sisters to bake a cake with marzipan. My ode to marzipan is a short one because I’m not theContinue reading “Word Prompts – Word of the Day/Stream of Consciousness.”