For Word Prompt – Opposites I have been married for thirty-four years to my opposite. I work hard every day, not able to stand still for a moment. I prefer to be busy. If I’m not writing, I am working. Even when I’m supposed to be relaxing I put pressure on myself. I can’t just sit and watch TV,Continue reading “For Word Prompt – Opposites”

Family Tree – For Stream of Consciousness

A few years ago my sister-in-law looked into our family tree – she went back to the 1500’s and we found out some interesting things. There were three sisters, and they came from a rich family. Somewhere in Aylesbury there is the ancestral home, which belonged to them, but because they were female and notContinue reading “Family Tree – For Stream of Consciousness”

For The Friday Reminder – Stream of Consciousness

‘Boo!’ My brother grabs his sides as I throw my now empty mug across the room. ‘Oi, that nearly hit me,’ he says, between his bursts of laughter. ‘Next time it will,’ I say, putting the kettle on to boil again. He has always been the joke, but on Halloween, he gets way worse. ThereContinue reading “For The Friday Reminder – Stream of Consciousness”