A Walk in the Park

Cool air slaps my cheeks, and I feel them burning beneath my scarf. Merlin, my guide dog, slows his pace. It makes me go slower too. There is probably ice under the gravel. It feels ice-cold, my gloves are doing nothing to keep my fingers from aching. This is the first time I have beenContinue reading “A Walk in the Park”

A Hint of a Rose – #Fandango’s Flashback Friday

”You view the world with rose coloured glasses my girl.” Her mother was always the same when she mentioned travelling the world. It was an mixed sensation of guilt, and anger all mixed into one ball of tangled wool. One good tug, and the whole emotional thread would unravel. “Mum, I’m not expecting it toContinue reading “A Hint of a Rose – #Fandango’s Flashback Friday”

Learning, Past, Present and Future

‘Grannie, did they have computers when you were young?’ His question made me think. Over seven decades between us, and I thought of what it was like in my day. Computers were a speck of dust. We didn’t even have a telephone, and used to share our neighbours. Now he can see what is happeningContinue reading “Learning, Past, Present and Future”