Running in the Rain

This is written for We are always busy running through the rain, but it is easier with a friend. Every day, we walk in the rain, not understanding that there are many others trudging to a weathered tune. We don’t see other people, just focus on our own troubles as the rain pelts onContinue reading “Running in the Rain”

Leaving Home

Written for ‘It only seems like yesterday we were taking the training wheels off your bike,’ Terry’s mum said. Helping sort out the boxes, it was her way of staying close to her daughter. So grown up, it didn’t seem possible she was moving in with her boyfriend. She hadn’t even got the weddingContinue reading “Leaving Home”

Snakes, Fears, and a New Pet

If ever there was a time life decisions were regretted, then this was one of those times. It seemed a good idea to face my fears, but as the zookeeper strode towards me, my knees were knocking against each other like a tree branch against an abandoned building. I wanted to escape, but I wasContinue reading “Snakes, Fears, and a New Pet”