Snakes, Fears, and a New Pet

If ever there was a time life decisions were regretted, then this was one of those times. It seemed a good idea to face my fears, but as the zookeeper strode towards me, my knees were knocking against each other like a tree branch against an abandoned building. I wanted to escape, but I wasContinue reading “Snakes, Fears, and a New Pet”

A Hint of a Rose – #Fandango’s Flashback Friday

”You view the world with rose coloured glasses my girl.” Her mother was always the same when she mentioned travelling the world. It was an mixed sensation of guilt, and anger all mixed into one ball of tangled wool. One good tug, and the whole emotional thread would unravel. “Mum, I’m not expecting it toContinue reading “A Hint of a Rose – #Fandango’s Flashback Friday”

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Poised at the back of the stage, the lights beamed across the drum set. He was born to play, and though fifty years flew by, his younger self sat on the comfortable stool. The only change, an I pad showed his playlist for the concert. At first he wasn’t sure, but his six year oldContinue reading “For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge”

Hermione in Training

Words, indented on a page, full of knowledge, and the humiliation paled into nothingness. She was like a sponge, imprinting all their joy, into her mind. One day, her dream to be a doctor would come true. It didn’t matter about the name calling, or even the pushing in the corridor. Sat in full classrooms,Continue reading “Hermione in Training”