Fandango and Word of the Day Challenges




Not sure why I am left alone, I wander around the ship. My friends are confined to the galley, and I try to get close to let them know of my plan. I’m not sure they will agree. Mary will want me to go with them – she already treats me like a daughter.

I see her in the galley, preparing something out of nothing, and she finds the time to hug me. Sarah is with her, but her quietness unsettles me. Having faith is something Mary alone finds strength with. I hope I’m wrong, but fear is something they are not used to.

‘You need to leave this ship,’ I whisper. ‘I have provided food and water for your trip to the island. It is only a couple of days to shore at most. ‘You will need blankets. It is cold at night.’

‘It sounds like you are not coming with us. You would prefer to stay amongst pirates,’ Sarah says, not looking me in the eye.

‘Why would you stay?’ Mary turns around, and I can see she has been crying.

This woman has always been strong, yet she is struggling to keep things together. I wish I could give her the peace she so desperately seeks, but my place is here. On this ship.

‘I need to stay here, but the weather is turning, and you will not be safe. He will not harm me – I am his only sister. Pirates can be dangerous, but he won’t harm me.’

‘Because you’re a witch,’ Sarah says, wiping down her apron. ‘I’ve heard the other pirates speak of you with fear. Am I supposed to be scared of you?’

‘Sarah, she is our friend!’

‘I would never hurt you, I only use my powers for good.’

‘How am I meant to believe you? They say the storm clouds are brewing.’

Mary turns around, and touches Sarah on her shoulder. ‘That is why we must leave, isn’t it Bethany? It is the reason you are not coming with us, to lure those storm clouds away.’

‘You will be safer without me.’

‘We will be stronger with you.’

‘Those storm clouds, they follow me and my brother. Not you. In a few days you will be on an island, where you can spread your love. You have no part in this war I am in.’

‘You are not aware of your own excellence,’ Mary says.

‘She generates trouble for us. We were safe before she pushed into our lives. Now we are on a pirate ship, with cutthroats and murderers.’

‘Sarah! Our belief doesn’t give us an easy life. We meet people for a reason, and travel to places of danger for a reason. Witches have a reputation, it is why the pirates are afraid. Look at Bethany, she is no different to the young girl we fished out of the sea.’

‘Sarah, I’m sorry I brought this to you, I truly am. That is why I want you away from this mess. My mess.’

‘I’m scared,’ Sarah says.

‘Me too, but for those people I love. Please accept my help, get on my boat and leave this behind.’

Published by writerravenclaw

I am a fifty something mother of two grown up children, and one beautiful grandchild. I have been married for nearly thirty-four years. My first book was published ten years ago. I wrote my book Sticks and Stones because of my experience of being bullied at school.

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