I wish I could be a nocturnal sleeper, but . . . the pillow is so uncomfortable, the covers are way too thick, the air outside is too cold, close the windows quick. I need to go to the toilet, but it is way too cold to pee. Why can’t I get back to sleep,Continue reading “”

Nearly a dog’s dinner

Hesitation, that was my downfall, that and a cat named Billy. I was so close to taking haul from the kitchen counter, when she meowed so loud that it brought my owner from the front room, where they were unwrapping their Christmas gifts and into the kitchen. Caught paw handed. If I hadn’t jumped whenContinue reading “Nearly a dog’s dinner”

Word Prompts – Celebrate, Life and Grateful

In my life I am grateful for my freedom. I live in a country where there is freedom of speech, and our successes can be celebrated. Women, as close as one hundred years ago, only just got the vote. We were seen as second class citizens. It took two world wars, to make the startContinue reading “Word Prompts – Celebrate, Life and Grateful”

Haiku – Moon

Haunting, filter and moon Winter Moon A gnarled moon’s haunting lyrical sings loud, I have no filter.

Scrambled, boiled or fried

I don’t want to go Halloweening, The egg at the back boiled dry. I’ll only end up scrambled, my brains will all be fried. I don’t want to go Halloweening, I don’t want to miss my show, I have just brought a new Stetson. As flat as an omelette it will go. I don’t wantContinue reading “Scrambled, boiled or fried”

Word of the day prompt Goodbye

This week myself and Mr Hufflepuff (my husband) have been on holiday. This is his own creation. I told him about my website name and he said, well I can be Mr Hufflepuff. This is especially true as he does like to vape. He gave up smoking a few years ago, so he is metaphoricallyContinue reading “Word of the day prompt Goodbye”

A Writer’s #Brain

There are some days when a writer’s brain can release all their expertise with a single stroke of the pen. Ideas, however jumbled, are written, or typed on the page. We understand that it might not be our best work, but we can go back to it later. Improve what we’ve written. However, there areContinue reading “A Writer’s #Brain”

Fandango and Word of the Day Challenges

Generate Excellence Not sure why I am left alone, I wander around the ship. My friends are confined to the galley, and I try to get close to let them know of my plan. I’m not sure they will agree. Mary will want me to go with them – she already treats me like aContinue reading “Fandango and Word of the Day Challenges”

Word Prompts – Pirate in Training

With nothing more than I would be able to eat, I wrap my food in the cloth I started with. Land isn’t that far away. Doves, normally drawn to land, have taken to joining Charles while he lowers his nets. Mary walks in, as I am about to leave, and her silence eats into myContinue reading “Word Prompts – Pirate in Training”

Word Prompt Trio

Am I risk taker? I would have to say I’m not much of a risk taker, compared to most. I try and keep within the safety of my limits when I can. However, when we moved from the town I was born in, I took risks alongside my family. With them by my side IContinue reading “Word Prompt Trio”