Change of Heart

Today from E’M’s word prompt, is Clemency. ‘To show clemency is too kind, those poor animals,’ Stella said. It seemed a good idea at the time, and those pictures were etched into her memory, to kidnap the doctor responsible for their pain. Now she was sitting here, begging to be reunited with her husband.Continue reading “Change of Heart”

Mixed Tape

Today’s Random Word from is: cassettes. It reminds me of when I was younger and we taped the top forty on the radio. You had to time it right, and press record, just as the show started. You could then listen to the show at your own leisure. There were sometimes malfunctions of the cassetteContinue reading “Mixed Tape”

E.M.’s Random Word Prompt #10

E.M.’s Random Word Prompt #10 Introvert I would class myself as an introvert. My play will be advertised in a couple of months, and there will be a meet and greet when it airs for the first time. I don’t really like being in front of the crowd, but rather the person behind the words. IContinue reading “E.M.’s Random Word Prompt #10”