Doctors and Dentists word prompt this week is about doctors and dentists. 1) Where doctor/dentist appointments a regular part of your childhood? I remember having multiple fillings as a child, but then decided I wouldn’t go through all those fillings again. I make sure I keep up the health of my teeth, but recently I changed toContinue reading “Doctors and Dentists”

Things I Don’t Miss

This week’s prompt from is: Things I Don’t Miss I don’t miss being bullied – When I was a child at junior school, I was picked on because I was the quiet one. I rarely fought back, and would wear my emotions where everyone could see them. I don’t miss the school dinners – overcooked, cheapContinue reading “Things I Don’t Miss”

Throwback Thursday #30 – Religious Influences

Did your family attend services together? I went to Sunday school from an early age. I remember going to the church service afterwards and Mum taking Holy Communion. I class myself as a Christian, but I don’t go to church. I pray every night, and be the best person I can be. I hope thatContinue reading “Throwback Thursday #30 – Religious Influences”

That Holiday Feeling choice for this week’s prompt is: Vacations or Holidays on the other side of the pond. Did you and your family have regular vacations/holidays? From the age of eight to sixteen I always went on holiday to Margate. We went to a guest house because Mum worked as a school dinner lady, and refused toContinue reading “That Holiday Feeling”

Throwback Thursday – Learning to Drive

When I first learnt to drive I was seventeen. I remember my first few driving lessons like they were yesterday. The driving instructor was moody to say the least. If I made a mistake he would shout, and cling on to the other wheel like his life depended on it. On one occasion I gotContinue reading “Throwback Thursday – Learning to Drive”