Ideal Conditions

This weeks quote from is ”A writer who waits for ideal conditions, under which to work, will die before putting pen to paper.” There is never an ideal condition to write, there are times when I cannot think of anything valid to say. I find it worse when I’m typing, because I am awareContinue reading “Ideal Conditions”

Simply The Best

Today’s quote from doesn’t need a lot of thinking on my part. I always wrote my first draft by hand, there is something special about ideas when you have a pen in your hand. Your ideas flow without the interruption of whether it is grammatically correct or not. When I type on the computerContinue reading “Simply The Best”

Writer’s Block

This quote prompt from got me thinking about when I write. When I am writing for my blog, I allow myself to write, and not really think about what I am writing. Not in the sense of it making sense, but not over worrying that it doesn’t work. Flash fiction is something you canContinue reading “Writer’s Block”