Compassion, Kindness, Make it a Rule In most cultures compassion is something people aspire to. Especially this time of year. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or Eid or Diwali. Kindness and compassion are free to give. They cost nothing, but what you get in return is a sense of doing good for the community aroundContinue reading “Compassion, Kindness, Make it a Rule”

It is a Tofurkey type of Christmas

Shaking, I grabbed her hand and said, ‘in all this mayhem, you’ve stood out amongst the rest. I would love to offer you the job.’ Her smile spread across her face like a beacon of light. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘You are the best candidate we have seen so far.’ Tofurkey, its special aroma wafted fromContinue reading “It is a Tofurkey type of Christmas”

A Prelude to Puddles

For Flashback Friday – This isn’t that old, but puddles are great. #FFFC ‘It’s raining,’ Bethany said, running towards her mummy. ‘What are we waiting for?’ Bethany pulled on her yellow wellington boots, with pictures of ducks on the side, and nearly put them on the wrong feet. Her mummy handed over her special rainContinue reading “A Prelude to Puddles”