Snow Angel

Written for We always used to joke about the way we met, on a snow covered mountain. I broke my ankle on purpose you said. I still remember you carrying me down to the lodge. I’m not the fallen heroine type. I can look after myself but you were there and I couldn’t getContinue reading “Snow Angel”


Written for Waking up, Sheila wondered what her dream had been all about. Was it a premonition of what was to come? She wasn’t sure, but there were some confusing images in her mind. She was on an island, by herself, just reading a book. That would be the dream, when so much wasContinue reading “Premonition”


Today’s word of the day from is battery. ‘I’m not eating that chicken, it is from them battery hens,’ Charlie said. ‘I learnt at school how they keep them in little pens. They aren’t even twelve weeks old. Like they are babies.’ ‘It’s all I have; you need to eat something.’ ‘Can’t we eatContinue reading “Battery”

Forgetful Prompt

I’m not sure whether it is my age, but I reckon I’m getting more and more forgetful. Either I repeat what I say without realising I have already told someone a fact, or I forget things I have been told. Mostly it is names – it makes me seem like I haven’t listened the firstContinue reading “Forgetful Prompt”