Sink or Swim

This week’s throwback Thursday post from is about learning to swim. When I was about five, I got pushed in the swimming pool by two boys. I couldn’t swim. Luckily, I was pulled out of the pool, but learning to swim frightened me after that. I didn’t like swallowing the water, or not beingContinue reading “Sink or Swim”

Role Model – For Throwback Thursday

My role model, growing up, was my dad. He was an amazing father, who never stopped listening to me. If I needed someone to talk to, he was there. No problem was too small for him. He was never afraid to show his emotional side, and I remember him saying ”If you cry at something,Continue reading “Role Model – For Throwback Thursday”

Throwback Thursday #24 ā€“ Commercials and Jingles

Thank you Maggie for your brilliant prompts. There have been times when commercials have been better than the actual films and series on television. Especially in the summer, where producers don’t even care and will put on repeat, after repeat, after repeat. One of my favourite commercials is the instant mash – Aliens laughing asContinue reading “Throwback Thursday #24 ā€“ Commercials and Jingles”

Thanks to #Throwback Thursday

This week’s prompt TV memories I remember when I was younger sitting in front of the television watching my favourite shows. I loved things like Chips, Doctor Who, and my favourite Starsky and Hutch. It was small, but a colour TV, and had three channels. At twelve o’clock the test card picture was only shown.Continue reading “Thanks to #Throwback Thursday”