An Excess of Energy

Today’s Truthful Tuesday from and the question – With energy prices and inflation going mad, what changes will you be able to make to save money? Do you think there is anything you can do in respect of voicing your concerns? October, and we are set for price rises, which will double my electricContinue reading “An Excess of Energy”

Take-Away? week is:would you be bothered about having a Chinese/Indian/Chippie/Pizza or similar on my doorstep or would you enjoy the convenience of having a takeaway outlet within walking distance. If I had a take-away on my doorstep, I would struggle with dieting more than I do. On days like this, when my husband can’t beContinue reading “Take-Away?”

Talk about our Weather

The Question Today from is:   How Do You Like To Keep Cool When It’s Broiling Outside? (example: 75 degrees Fahrenheit equals 23.89 degrees Celsius for those not living in 1955, where America got stuck (partially) on the whole metric idea). I live in the UK, so when it is broiling outside, us Brits go out into theContinue reading “Talk about our Weather”

Waiting For News

TRUTHFUL TUESDAY 5-3-2022 This is my answer for Truthful Tuesday’s Question. Is it compassionate for medical professionals to keep people on tenterhooks waiting for results, particularly if the diagnosis in question could be really bad news; but in general too?    I was always of the opinion the longer you waited for results, meantContinue reading “Waiting For News”